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Festival Terms and Conditions 2016

To purchase tickets, please read all the Terms and Conditions.

This ticket is sold by The Lost Lands Pty Ltd (ABN 36 612 334 817). The following conditions are of sale (including any resale or subsequent assignment), entry and attendance at the Event.

1. 'You' and 'your' refers to the customer. 'We', 'us', 'our', 'Festival’ and 'Event organiser' refers to The Lost Lands Pty Ltd, its directors, employees, contractors, volunteers and authorised persons. ‘This agreement’ means these terms and conditions and any other conditions specified by us on our website and booking forms.

2. Tickets are sold subject to the Festival conditions of sale and to the terms and conditions of entry to the Festival venue.
3. All ticket sales are final. Once purchased, tickets are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Tickets are not transferable under any circumstance. It is a condition of sale that tickets may not be offered for re-sale and they are only valid if purchased from an authorised Festival outlet or our website.
4. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be available unless the Event is cancelled, or is rescheduled and you do not wish to attend the alternative date (if any). This is an all-weather Event. No refunds will be made if you choose not to attend due to inclement weather.
5. You must supply your CORRECT FULL NAME at the time of purchase.
6. The BARCODED TICKET is required for entry to the Event. Print the barcoded ticket, or carry the barcoded ticket in your smartphone, and bring to the Event. The barcode is required for scanning at entry. NO BARCODED TICKET NO ENTRY.
7. If entering the Event as an adult, ID to prove legal age must be shown if required or on demand. Children under the age of 18 will not be allowed to enter the Festival with an adult ticket.
8. ACCOMPANIED YOUTH TICKETS: For duty of care reasons, and to be in keeping with the family-based nature of the Event, “Childrens” tickets can only be purchased in conjunction with an adult ticket or by an adult who has already purchased a ticket. A child is aged between 2 and 17 and must be wristbanded with the “responsible adult” who purchased the ticket. The youth will be wristbanded for the same festival dates as the responsible adult who accompanies them. Festival also reserves the right to refuse entry to those who present as “children” for wristbanding at the Festival yet who fail to satisfy our personnel they are indeed accompanied by the responsible adult who purchased the ticket.
A “responsible adult” is a person who is acting in place of a parent and who could reasonably be expected to exercise responsible supervision of the accompanied youth.
9. If we determine that the price of tickets set out on our website, or the website of our ticketing agent, is in error, persons who have purchased tickets will be contacted. If the error has resulted in the purchaser being overcharged, the amount overcharged will be refunded. If the error has resulted in the purchaser being undercharged, we reserve the right to charge the purchaser the balance of the correct ticket price. If ticket holders disagree, tickets can be cancelled and a full refund provided net of the non-refundable booking fee.
10. Tickets sold for the Event are standing room only unless otherwise stated.
11. Tickets may be purchased Australia wide and internationally, but ticket holders must be present at the venue on the date of the selected ticket type. No refunds will be given if the ticket holder cannot attend the Event for whatever reason.
12. Tickets may only be purchased with a credit card issued in the purchaser’s name. Any applicable fees and surcharges include GST.
13. Tickets are sold on the express condition that ticket holders are bound by the rules and regulations issued by the Event organiser, the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Victoria and the rules and regulations enacted thereunder.

Artists and venue
14. We reserve the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists, vary any advertised program, change venue and vary audience capacity. No claim for compensation shall be made in the event that the program is varied due to the non-appearance of an advertised artist.

15. All bags/containers may be subject to a full search. The Festival event area is licensed – alcohol must not to be brought from car parks or campgrounds into the Event site (BYO can be brought into the campgrounds - no glass): any found or discovered alcohol which was brought into the Event site will be confiscated. Glass must not be brought into the Event: any found will be confiscated.
16. A valid ticket will be exchanged for a wristband to be fitted at the designated area near the entrance to the Festival and must be worn at all times. Wristbands must remain intact to gain entrance to the Festival. Damage to a wristband (even if accidental) will render it invalid and access to the venue denied.
17. Admission to individual Festival stages and venues is subject to capacity.
18. Ticket holders agree to comply with all Festival security arrangements, as well as those of the venue provider, including personal searches (if deemed necessary by Festival). Glass, balloons, illegal and dangerous items are all prohibited and will be confiscated. No claim may be made against Festival or the venue provider for items confiscated. Persons found in possession of illegal drugs, weapons or dangerous items will be removed from the venue and will lose their Festival wristband.
19. We or Parks Victoria may refuse admission to any ticket holder for any reasonable cause and may request any ticket holder to leave the venue for any reasonable cause.
20. Entry is at your own risk and we reserve the right to refuse entry. We shall not be held liable for any loss, injury, or damages sustained entering or on within the Event – to the extent allowed by the law. Audio & Visual
21. All ticket holders consent to any official filming and sound recording as members of the audience.
22. The possession or use of video cameras, professional photographic equipment (including SLR with interchangeable lens), other visual, sound recording or transmission equipment is absolutely prohibited. Any person, not in possession of an official Festival Media Pass endorsed for film and/or photography as appropriate, found using a video camera or any device to record performances will be expelled from the venue, will lose their Festival wristband, and may be subject to further legal action. Liability
23. We disclaim any and all liability for the acts, omissions and conduct of any third party including the products, services, actions or failure to act of the Event venue or other person in connection with the Event or the Festival or otherwise referred to on this website.
24. Entry is at the ticket holders own risk. Appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn at all times while attending the Event. We shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or damages sustained entering or at the Event – to the extent allowed by the law.
25. We take no responsibility for any hearing damage or loss, please use ear plugs if necessary.
26. You will be liable for any loss or damage caused at the Event by you or your invitees. Smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs and glass
27. All under cover venues are smoke free and some external areas may be designated smoke free.
28. The Festival Event Area is Licensed. Patrons wishing to consume alcohol must be 18 years and over (photographic ID will be required as proof of age) and may only consume alcohol purchased within the Event. We reserve the right to evict patrons who disobey or break Responsible Service of Alcohol legislation and the law. In accordance with legislation, children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult when entering the licensed area. Alcohol may only be consumed within the licensed area. Certain areas of the Event are deemed ‘dry’ and no alcohol will be permitted.
29. Anyone found supplying or buying alcohol for a minor will be evicted from the Event, will lose their Festival wristband, and criminal charges may be a consequence.
30. Persons found in possession of illegal drugs will be evicted from the Event, will lose their Festival wristband, and may face criminal charges.
31. The whole Festival Event area is a GLASS FREE ZONE and no glass must be brought into any part of the Event.
32. The information requested is only used in the processing of your tickets; in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988, the information is not supplied to any third party. Please refer to our website for our Privacy Policy.

33. Trading signs or other signs are not permitted without our prior written consent. No ticket holder shall be entitled to do any trading without the written consent of the Event organisers.
34. Ambush marketing will not be tolerated. Setting up a promotional presence within or near the Festival is not allowed without prior written consent of the Event organisers.
35. Tickets cannot be used as part of any marketing, media or sales promotion whether commercial or non-commercial without prior written consent of the Event organisers.

General safety
36. In the case of an emergency evacuation or situation, you must follow all Festival and other official directives.
37. No animals will be permitted onto the Festival site, with the exception of guide dogs.
38. Fires and fireworks are not permitted.
39. Activities such as moshing, crowd surfing and stage-diving are not permitted. Patrons engaging in these or other dangerous activities will be evicted from the Event and will lose their Festival wristband. Environment and community
40. We care for our environment and community. Please be respectful and place any litter in the recycle or other bins provided around the Event venue. Be waste and water wise - thank you.
41. Please respect the Werribee Park space and surrounds and do not create excessive noise or litter while traveling to and from the Event. General
42. Any breach of any of these terms and conditions will entitle the Event organisers to evict the ticket holder from the venue and confiscate any ticket or wristband, without refund.
43. No promise is made by the Festival that this website is error free or that files downloaded from this site are free of viruses or contamination

Oztix / Ticket Solutions - Terms and Conditions of Sale
Who you are buying from
  1. This web site and the web site oztix.com.au (the "Oztix Website") are owned and operated by Ticket Solutions Pty Ltd (ACN 106907206) t/as Oztix of PO Box 476, Annerley, 4103, Queensland, Australia ( 'We', 'Our' or 'Us'). We operate the ticketing services offered via this website as the authorised agent of event organisers, such as artists, venues or event promoters ('Presenter') and any tickets purchased from this website are purchased from Us as the agent of the Presenter.  Any dispute you have relating to an event or ticket purchase is between you and the Presenter. 
  2. As agent for the Presenter, We are not liable for any claims relating to an event or ticket purchase, except as otherwise set out in these terms and conditions.
What you are agreeing to
  1. By visiting, using or purchasing any tickets via this website you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and Our Privacy Policy.
  2. Every ticket sold through Oztix is also subject to:
  3. the Presenter’s term and conditions (please see the Presenter’s website);
  4. any terms and conditions of the venue at which event is held (please see the venue’s website); and
  5. any terms and conditions that may be printed on the ticket.
  6. The Presenter reserves the right to add, withdraw, reschedule or substitute artists and/or vary programs, prices, venues, seating arrangements and audience capacity.
Use of the Oztix Website
  1. Use of this site is restricted to personal use and reference only.
Conditions of Sale
  1. All Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and include local taxes (GST).
  2. Online sales will cease when the allocation of tickets is sold, at a time otherwise specified or usually 2 hours before doors open for the event.
  3. Both Oztix and the Presenter reserve the right not to sell tickets to any person, agent or company.
  4. Tickets will be delivered to you by the method you select during the booking process. If tickets are sent using Registered Post or a Courier service they will only be sent to addresses where the purchaser can sign for delivery. Mail delivery option will cease to be offered 7~10 days before the event.
  5. Tickets may not, without the prior consent of the Presenter, be resold or offered for resale at a premium over the face value of the ticket (including via on-line auction sites) or used for advertising, promoting or other commercial purposes (including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services either by the original purchaser or any subsequent ticket holder.
  6. Notwithstanding these terms and conditions, if You use a “disposable” or “temporary” credit card (such as those purchased over the counter at supermarkets) for Your online purchase We are not able to make any refund to you unless a) you can provide full details of the credit card; b) the credit card remains valid; and c) you can produce the online purchase receipt.
  7. Note: your Credit Card statement will itemise a purchase as a charge from "Ticket Solutions Oztix Indooroopilly".
Refunds and exchanges
  1. Oztix act as agent for the Presenter, and as such, we can only refund tickets in accordance with the Presenter’s terms and conditions, and to the extent permitted by law, Oztix has no liability to you
  2. We do not replace any lost, stolen or destroyed tickets or exchange or substitute tickets after purchase, except in limited circumstances.  We reserve the right to charge you a reasonable fee for the replacement of tickets.   Please treat your tickets like cash, as we cannot replace lost tickets.
  3. The Presenter reserves the right to alter the date, the venue and the entertainment and activities as advertised, without prior notice to you.  Your entitlement to a refund in such circumstances is determined by the Presenter.  Please contact Oztix directly in order to determine your eligibility for a refund.
  4. If the date, time or venue of an event is rescheduled or changed, your ticket will remain valid for the rescheduled date, time and venue.
  5. If the Presenter authorises a Refund, We will refund to you the ticket price.  Booking fees, delivery, postage fees and any Processing Surcharge may be refunded, depending on the reason for the refund.
  6. Any refund payable can only be made back to the credit card (whether temporary or otherwise) used in the original transaction.
  7. Oztix will post any relevant information regarding any cancelled or rescheduled events in the news section of www.oztix.com.au, when applicable. It is your responsibility to check our website for information in relation to any events.
No Show / Failure to collect tickets / Delivery fulfilment
  1. We fulfil Our commitment to you for the sale of tickets by either mailing or emailing the ticket to you, or by making the ticket available at the door or Box Office for you to collect. 
  2. If you have elected to receive the tickets by mail or email and have not received your ticket(s) within 48 hours of the event, please contact Oztix. 
Pay Over Time Payment Option
  1. In some circumstances you may be able to pay for your ticket over time, in instalments.  If both parties agree to this payment option, You agree that We can charge your credit card a deposit, a booking fee (if any) and the number of specified instalments prior to sending you a confirmed ticket.
  2. You agree that you only have a reservation for a ticket and are not entitled to a ticket to the relevant event until full payment of the ticket and associated fees is made.
  3. If your credit card details change prior to your payment of any instalment, you agree to contact Us to update your credit card details.
  4. You agree that if, for any reason, We are not able to process any of the instalments on their due date, your reservation for the ticket will be cancelled and your deposit and any booking fee paid forfeited by you.
  5. We agree to repay any instalment (other than the deposit and any booking fee) you have paid to Us to the credit card you specified at the time of selecting the pay over time option, provided that credit card remains valid.
Changes to Terms and Conditions
  1. The terms and conditions that apply to any particular transaction will be the published terms and conditions at the time the transaction was finalised. Subject to the preceding sentence, we or the Presenter may alter or change the terms and conditions as they appear on our website from time to time effective immediately from posting on the web site.
  2. You should periodically check this page of the Oztix web site and the Presenters web site to ensure that you are aware of the latest terms and conditions.
What happens if you have an inquiry or complaint?
  1. For inquiries or complaints regarding the sale and delivery of tickets please contact us by email at info@oztix.com.au or telephone 1300 762 545.  
  2. For inquiries or complaints regarding the staff and / or amenities at a venue or event, please contact the venue management.
  3. For inquiries or complaints regarding the artist's performance, sound or lighting or production quality, please contact the Presenter.
Data Security
  1. When We process your order We collect your credit card and personal information in accordance with Our Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy and our Privacy Collection Notice. 
  2. If you are concerned about using your credit card online please contact us for assistance.
  3. If you deny or dispute a charge on your credit card made by us, please contact us immediately.  We consider credit card fraud to be a serious offence and we aim to prosecute each case to the fullest extent possible.
Copyright and Trademark
  1. The images, text, logos and artwork contained within this site are copyright to Oztix and/or the relevant licensors.  All rights are reserved.  Unauthorised use by way of copying, storage, reproduction, publishing electronically or otherwise transmitting in any form or by any means in whole or in part is prohibited. The Oztix logo is a registered trademark.
Disclaimer and liability
  1. You accept that the Internet is not always a reliable and that system outages may occur.  
  2. Save to the extent set out in the Competition and Consumer Act 2012 (Cth) (including the consumer guarantees under Australian Consumer Law) or otherwise permitted by law, We will not be liable for any damages direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise, loss or corruption of data, loss of profits, goodwill, bargain or opportunity or loss of anticipated savings resulting from your purchase of any tickets or your access to, or use of, or inability to use the web site and its content, whether based in contract, tort, negligence, statute or any other legal theory, and whether or not We know of the possibility of such damage.
Choice of Law
  1. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of Queensland, Australia but legal proceedings may be commenced in any Australian State or Territory.
Australian Consumer Law
  1. Our goods and services come with consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law. Those consumer guarantees apply in addition to any other express warranties which we provide under this Agreement. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.
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